About us

DreamLegal is a workspace where every law student/professional or enthusiast can dive-in to find anything and everything they want! DreamLegal gives a platform to everyone interested in legal writing by publishing their literature through an easy process. We also have a page solely dedicated to guide the budding lawyers. The law aspirants could directly interact with the law students from the topmost law colleges of the country. DreamLegal is also a platform providing weekly articles on various socio-legal notions.

Our Story

DreamLegal is student’s initiative to create a pool of content and research material. DreamLegal was founded to ease the difficulties faced by students/professionals to get their literature work published.

DreamLegal works for providing a smooth legal career to the fraternity by their varied services like law entrance guidance, number of courses, weekly articles and easy publication process!

We would love to have your contributions in this pool of research material by your precious words in the form of articles/research papers/case summaries/commentaries etc.


We aim to cater as a platform where a legal enthusiast can read as well as express their ideas. We look forward to host quality content from the legal fraternity. Our aim is to set a stage for law aspirants, students and professional. We will also attempt to provide a healthy space for discussion on various issues. It’s our goal to make research work easy for you by providing possible materials on varied topics. The sole purpose is to clear clouds about law as a career and various opportunities ahead. DreamLegal works for providing all the law enthusiasts with best quality content and opportunities needed throughout their career.


A pool of content related to legal topics in all the possible formats including presentations, research papers, articles. Get your literary work featured on our website easily. Our Insights page which will bring you articles on legal topics regularly. We also provide Law entrance guidance  (L.E.G.) to the ambitious aspirants which aids to have a conversation with students of top most law schools in India.