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Cobblestone Contract Insights

CobbleStone is the leading contract lifecycle management software dedicated to helping legal operations professionals manage the contract lifecycle. Whether you’re looking for a way to automate contract drafting and review requests, eliminate the guesswork in identifying contract task ownerships, or just looking for improved oversight of your contracts, CobbleStone can help.
With CobbleStone user-friendly platform, legal ops professionals now have a solution for automating the work and eliminating their stress. With CobbleStone Contract Insight, professionals have access to -
Automated key date and task alerts
Centralized contract database
Self-serve access to quickly draft contracts
Version history
Dynamic clause libraries
Workflow management
Online negotiation portal
Artificial intelligence


End-to-End Legal Document Software

Enterprise legal document tracking, agreement drafting, configurable custom user-defined fields, custom report design tools, e-mail alerts, calendar reminders, legal hold, task and checklists, security, legal document management, check-in tracking, workflow, financials, cost control, searching, performance tracking, full-text indexing, web platform, web calendaring, and more.

Easy Legal Contract Management
Our centralized contract management software solution for legal professionals allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your organization's contracts and committals. Best-in-class features include configurable fields, workflow management, online negotiation portal, searching and reporting, auto e-mail and calendar alerts, version history, optional electronic signing module, and more!

Legal Management Just Got Easier
Comprehensive solutions for automating and centralizing your organization's legal contracts, agreements, and committal or legal processes. CobbleStone's contract lifecycle solution leverages your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications, and provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value.

Fast Implementation, Fast ROI
CobbleStone Software provides fast implementation so you can see ROI in as little as 30 days. Our cloud-based contract solution makes it easy to get started without the struggle of finding your IT team to migrate data. We take care of the details to get you up and running within days. Contract Insight™ can be hosted as a SaaS on our servers or you can bring the system in-house for added control of your contracts.


CobbleStone offer plans from $59 per month per user for the Express Online
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