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We pioneered online legal research in India with the debut launch of our legal research platform built over the most exhaustive legal and business information database.As a digital pioneer, Manupatra was the first to offer electronic accessibility of India’s and International legislative, regulatory and procedural materials through an exhaustive database. With the use of analytics, enterprise search, information retrieval technology such as ML, AI, NLP, we help deliver powerful, new decision-making tools to our users across the globe.Manupatra is the intuitive platform which helps users navigate the law faster and improve their decision-making.
Offers Search, Visualisation Tools and Analytics: • Field Search (Subject, Date, Party Name, Judge Name etc) • Natural Language Processing (NLP), • Citation Search, Judgment Search, Act Search, • Hyperlinking, • Editorial Enhancements, Head Notes, Citing Reference, Important Para, Compare Legislations, Tracks Amendments in legislation, Good Law – Bad Law (Judgments marked over ruled), is a game changer in the way that lawyers conduct legal research. It makes exhaustive Research possible anytime – anywhere, resulting in user getting the relevant reference document critical for them to win cases, complete transactions, file reports, tenor advise etc. Many users term it as the closest thing to a legal google which is rather intuitive in its searching, and leads to relevant results. Over the years Manupatra has become the default legal research tool of the judiciary, the government, lawyers and legal firms, corporates, and students alike.

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