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Smokeball is a law practice management software designed to help attorneys stay organized and get more work done in less time. With world-class case management software, intuitive workflows, and smart features built for your area of law, Smokeball makes it easy to manage your entire firm on one platform. The software automatically captures every billable minute, tracking all your time spent working in the case management software, Microsoft Word, and Outlook. This feature saves you time filling out timesheets so that you can focus on practicing law. Smokeball also offers Law Firm Insights, which provides actionable reporting into your cases, clients, and opportunities to help you run a smarter and more organized firm. You can access all the details you need to build and track your firm's goals in one place, from matter-type profitability to referral revenue to your staff's time and activities


Custom invoices can be built and sent to clients.• Online payments can be collected easily.• The tool supports fixed-fee, hourly, contingency, LEDES or a mix billing methods.• Trust and client retainers can be managed with built-in compliance.• Detailed records and reports separate client funds from the firm's office account.• Automatic time tracking helps capture every billable minute.• Firms who pair Smokeball’s billing features with automatic time tracking increase their annual billable time by an additional $134,000 per fee earner on average.• The tool offers flexible billing & legal accounting software that helps firms bill what they're worth while remaining compliant.• Actionable reporting into cases, clients and opportunities make it easier to run a smarter, more organized firm.


Smokeball Start ( $ 29/ 1 user per month), Smokeball Grow ( $ 99/ 1 user per month ), Smokeball Prosper ( $ 149/ 1 user per month )
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