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Never lose track of key information

Visiodocs is a collaborative document review and trial preparation tool that helps legal professionals analyze complex cases and legal documents more efficiently. Visiodocs, you you can create overview of all case documents, prepare your presentation, and produce court compliant eBundles and insight reports. All in one single workflow. Uncover critical information and focus on the winning arguments. Our platform empowers you to work with greater accuracy, find important information quickly and collaborate seamlessly with others. All case-related information is stored and organized in a single digital solution, enabling lawyers to prepare and collaborate on cases at any time and from anywhere. Our platform allows you to work across file types, eliminating stand-alone applications.

Visiodocs helps prevent the loss of knowledge when teams and employees change. Our tool is designed to capture and organize all the information in a legal case, including annotations and notes, in a central repository, making it easy to access and share. In this way, your law firm ensures that important case-related information is not lost when team members leave or move on to other projects.

By automating the creation of reports and eBundles, Visiodocs enables legal teams to focus on higher-value work, such as case analysis and strategy development. Using a high-precision, automated tool like Visiodocs, the need for manual work is reduced significantly. The result is a more efficient and effective use of resources, ultimately leading to better legal advice for clients.




Organize Documents- Upload documents regardless of format, search and locate a range of documents and move selected documents to designated folders. In each folder you can drag and drop files into your preferred layout and subdivide using section headers to obtain an unparalleled overview. Visiodocs further enable teams to easily organize and browse case files chronology – by file name, date, creation or last modification date.

Powerful Search -​Locate key topics immediately by searching across not only individual files and folders, but also team notes, annotations and metadata.

Annotate and Categorize Case Materials -Use a range of mark-up tools to add annotations into a searchable list to preserve ideas in context. Annotations may include custom tags and/or comments, and the annotation box also allows teams to have a dialogue within the actual annotation - pointing out specific passages buried deeply within large document collections. Auto-marks can be activated so mark-ups are automatically tagged and allocated to a specific category.

Review and Navigate -Annotations Search directly in your comments or browse case annotations in any manner you like – by category, color code, creator and in different scopes; project, folder or document. Add customized document categories to your annotation such as Pleadings, Complaint, Evidence and Deposition Prep. By hovering over comments you will immediately see your annotations as call-outs, so no need to click your way through documents to relocate your findings.

Share and Collaborate with the Case Team - Working in teams you simply invite parties to the project, both from inside and outside of your organization, to collaborate online. Our collaborative platform enables users to build upon one another’s insights and comments on the shared project. Team members may reply to shared annotations so that emerging theories are preserved in context and remain visible to others.

Generate Insight Reports And Case Summaries- Run reports summarizing annotations across your entire document collection. All reports can be filtered to project, folder or specific documents, authors and tags, and the reports enable users to quickly identify, which documents are referenced, and which comments the team have linked to specific mark-ups. Reports can also be downloaded as PDF or printed as a report, organized according to categories or in the order of the documents.

E- Bundles ​-Generate court compliant hearing bundles or closing books. Visiodocs automatically produces bookmarks, hyperlinked indexes and pagination. You can further auto amend or exclude document dates, include appendix stamps, highlights, comments, watermarks, change fonts and more.

Present Key Findings- Contrary to traditional presentations you don't need to arrange your materials ahead of the presentation. Simply arrange and follow the chronology of your notes and Visiodocs will display both document and highlighted content accordingly.

Case ready at Log-in- ​Eliminate transaction costs, when opening cases after idle periods. Just access your cases and find your documents and notes ready in the exact order you left them last time you worked on the case. If you need a brush up on facts you simply run a report summarizing all findings in the case.

Handle Large Documents- ​Did you experience a PDF freeze with some of the known pdf tools? With Visiodocs you can upload very large documents without leaving your laptop hanging. You can also split large documents into smaller sections or merge several documents into one single file.


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