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jurisdiction of civil courts

Section 9 & Jurisdiction of Civil Courts

Overview India strongly adopts the principle of ubi jus ibiremedium (wherever it is right, there is a remedy). However, this …
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electronic evidence

Electronic Evidence: Admissibility & Challenges

What is Electronic Evidence? The term “electronic evidence” refers to evidence that is digital or electronic in nature. This might …
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obc bill

The OBC Bill, 2021

What is the OBC Bill? The OBC Bill was passed by the lower and the upper house on 10th and …
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right to food

Right to Food- How far we are?

Overview India ranked 101 in the Global Hunger Index with a score of 27.5 labelled as ‘serious. The problem of …
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custodial torture

Custodial Torture: A series of events

Introduction CUSTODIAL TORTURE is a global problem that affects people of various ages, genders, and health statuses. This heinous kind …
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Reservation for Scheduled Caste Converts: What does the law say?

Overview The Indian Constitution for the government to make laws for protecting and nurturing minorities and one of its most …
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juvenile crime

Juvenile crime in India: Saving youth and future

Introduction It has been said by a learned man, Juvenile crime is not naturally born in the boy, but is …
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personal data protection laws

UIDAI’s Exemption from Personal Data Protection Laws

Introduction The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has requested a waiver from the Personal Data Protection Laws. UIDAI personnel …
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medical termination of pregnancy

Medical Termination of Pregnancy in India

Overview The Right to Abortion has been recognized as one of the facets of the Right to Life and Personal …
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sports law

Demystifying Sports Law: Legislation and development

Introduction Law has undergone immense diversification in these years. Being the guiding force, laws cannot be kept out of reach …
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Inter-State Water Dispute Act

Intricacies of the Inter-State Water Dispute Act, 1956

Introduction Background: There are 25 major river basins in India, with the majority of rivers flowing across state lines. The …
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online gaming

Online Gaming: Legal and Social Implications

Overview Online gaming or any online platform that offers engagement has flourished in the so-called ‘new normal’ society. This is …
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Personality rights

Personality Rights: Legal Presence in India

Overview Celebrity endorsements are one of the most common of all. Many companies can be seen featuring celebrities or famous …
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media & entertainment industry

Legal Exploration of Media & Entertainment Industry

Introduction The Indian media and entertainment business is one of the fastest expanding in the world, with the highest media …
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corrective rape

Corrective Rape: Never a solution

Overview LGBT+ communities have been getting wide acceptance and recognition recently. People are trying to understand that being homosexual or …
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cruise ship drug case

Cruise Ship Drug Case: Know the laws

Overview The NCB busting the Mumbai cruise ship drug case has been airing in the media for days. The involvement …
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ancestral property


The Supreme Court considers whether the ED can seize the accused’s ancestral assets as “proceeds of crime.” The Supreme Court …
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draft criminal rules on practice

Draft Criminal Rules on Practice, 2021: Judiciary calling shots towards a better system.

What is Draft Criminal Rules on Practice, 2021? These are a set of guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court …
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Right to protest

Right to Protest-A solution?

Overview Since the time government came up with its ambitious Farm Bills, what hits the mind is the farmer’s protest …
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Farm laws

Farm Laws, 2020: Decoding farmer’s protest

The outrage Kisan Mahapanchayat, a farmer’s organisation, has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for permission to perform a …
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Covid19 Vaccines

Waiving Intellectual Property Rights on Covid19 Vaccines

Overview Covid19 has taken a toll on the world. Everyone has been waiting for the Covid19 vaccines. And the vaccine …
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rohini court incident

Rohini Court Incident- Safety and Security in courts

Introduction The Rohini Court incident of shooting has brought a chilling effect to the spine of the legal fraternity. The …
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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights: Intricacies & the future

Introduction With the rising globalisation, “Intellectual Capital” has emerged as one of the most important wealth generators in today’s worldwide …
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biotechnology patenting

Biotechnology Patenting through Indian Perspective

Overview Biotechnology basically refers to the technology that has been based on biology. It usually involves the category of recombinant …
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Child marriage

Child Marriage: Are we still out of it?

Overview India in her history has combated countless social evils. The taboos and stereotypes of the society have been the …
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Reservation in Promotions: A boon or a bane

Introduction Throughout the last seven decades of constitutional law on reservations, the Supreme Court of India has repeatedly resorted to …
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tribunals reforms act

The Tribunals Reforms Act, 2021: Tussle between the Centre and the Supreme Court

Overview The Union Government recently passed the Tribunals Reforms Act, 2021. Previously, the ordinance named “Tribunals Reforms (Rationalisation and Conditions …
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Regional Supreme Court Benches

Regional Supreme Court Benches: An ultimate solution

Hierarchy of courts The Indian judicial system has divided its court into three levels. The apex court in the system …
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An Analysis of Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019.

Historical Evolution On April 15, 2014, the Supreme Court of India ruled the National Legal Services Authority v. Union of …
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right to privacy


WHAT IS THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY? The term privacy is very subjective and depends upon our perception of viewing it …
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cairn energy and india

Cairn Energy and India Dispute- An overview

Overview There is nothing as meticulous as law. The tendency of law to be detailed and applicable to every situation …
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General Lien

General Lien of Bankers: An overview

Introduction Section 171 of the Indian Contract Law stipulates the right of “General lien”. The ordinary lien basically refers to …
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pre-nuptial agreement


“For to be wise, and in love, was not given to the God themselves”-Aphra Behn, The Confession of the New …
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Marital Rape

Marital rape: The unsettled law of crime

Overview The recent judgement by Chhattisgarh High Court has poked one of the most unsettled matters in India – Marital …
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An analysis on Sale and Mortgage by Conditional Sale

Sale The Transfer of Property Act of 1882 has a section 54 where the term “sale” is defined —“Sale” refers …
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Wrongful Incarceration

Wrongful Incarceration: Compensation and Reparation

Overview The cases of wrongful incarceration have been prevalent in the country for a long time. Imprisonment comes with its …
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Artificial Intelligence in Judiciary

Artificial Intelligence in Judiciary: Applications & shortcomings

Introduction to AI: Artificial Intelligence is everywhere nowadays. Can we use Artificial Intelligence in Judiciary as well? This article examines …
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dispute resolution

Amazon & Future Group: Legal battle and Dispute Resolution

Introduction: The world has been observing series of events. The events have dragged the two business giants into courts over …
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Uniform Civil Code

Uniform Civil Code and its way ahead

Overview The Indian civilization is the oldest civilization in the world and Hindus are the majority in it. This fact …
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Precedents as the source of law

Precedents as the source of law: Theory and Scope

Introduction Law is the directing rule in any system which defines the discipline and conduct of any sphere. For any …
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crypto currency

Crypto currency: Legal aspects & acceptability

Introduction: Cryptocurrency A crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by cryptography, making it nearly impossible …
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women centric laws


Overview India has been a patriarchal society for decades. The traces of patriarchy or rather the male dominance is still …
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case pendency

Case Pendency: The Justice Faraway

  Introduction   William E. Gladstone quoted once, Justice delayed is justice denied. Countries majorly rely on the institution of courts for …
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Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus Spyware

About the Pegasus Spyware: Pegasus is the most effective spyware developed by a private organization. Once it has wormed its …
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caste based census

Should India go for a Caste-based census?

Overview In response to a question asked in Lok Sabha with regards to the caste-based census, Nityanand Rai, Union Minister …
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Afghanistan humanitarian Crisis

Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis: Tracing the history and Legalities

Overview “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened” . – John F …
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Population Control bill

Population control: Can we have a nationwide legislation?

Overview: Population Control Uttar Pradesh and Assam have suggested legislation limiting couples to two children. These states intend to make …
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Overview The Lok Sabha passed The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019 on August 5, 2019, amid the more controversial bill which …
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Sedition in India

Sedition In India: In the saga of criticism

Overview The exercise of fundamental rights is the supreme objective of any functioning democracy. The people of the country are …
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Advocates Protection Bill

Advocates Protection Bill (2021): Does threat mandatorily comes with responsibility?

Introduction: Advocate! A profession full of challenges, risks, and engagement. The joy of being an advocate might not match to …
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IT Rules, 2021

Information Technology Rules 2021: A step towards making an Authoritarian State?

Past few months have seen a major tussle between the government and the social media giants like Facebook and Google …
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arbitration in India

Arbitration in India: Way to International Hub

Introduction Nachman of Breslov has very gracefully quoted, Arbitration is justice blended with charity. Arbitration in India has been a …
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Illegal Adoption: Does it lessen the pain of orphans?

The Covid-19 has been the most perilous phase the world has ever seen till now. The number of human deaths …
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Live in relationships and the law

The brawl of Live-in Relationships.

Society evolves incredibly. In its customs, beliefs, traditions, and mentality, the evolutionary difference relative to its preceding times is as …
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