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Legistify is an online legal tech services platform that offers end-to-end enterprise legal management software. The platform provides consultation services by lawyers and helps to create documents based on matters of legal issues, monitor, control, and automate the entire legal workflow. Legistify's platform is built-in, completely customizable, and automated modules that cover a variety of legal topics including contracts, litigation, legal notices, etc.  Legistify also leverages machine learning to provide intelligence and insights into the user's data. Users can create their legal documents in one go by choosing a particular agreement from the platform.  Legistify aims to empower businesses with its technology-driven solutions that help them manage their legal needs efficiently while reducing costs and increasing productivity.


Contract Lifecycle- End to end lifecycle covering auto generation, collaboration, execution and tracking obligations. Boost revenue growth through quicker contracting cycles.
Matter Management- Track and monitor matters, & manage interactions with all stakeholders through automation. Reduce business risks by acting upon such obligations timely.
IP Tracking- Protect your brand portfolio and capture potential infringements effortlessly. Secure your business’s identity and create a sustainable brand name.
Portfolio Insights- Leverage data gathered across every touchpoint to improve efficiency and boost ROI. Pre-empt actions leveraging insights from historical data to secure your business’s future.
Fully Secured Network- End to end encryptions, SSL configs, auto backups & relevant ISO certifications to keep your data fully secure &   attack immune


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Solo Practitioners, Small & Medium Law Firms, Large Law firms, Corporate Legal departments