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Legitquest is a powerful legal search engine that is transforming and revolutionizing the way legal research is conducted in India. With over 1000 B2B clients served, 10000 forums covered, and 300,000 monthly users, Legitquest is trusted by the top names in the industry. The search engine is designed to reduce the time taken in legal research by leading users straight to the main findings and observations of a judgment, including issues raised therein. Legitquest is unique in its features, such as iDRAF and iGraphics, which help users find relevant cases with just one click. The search engine is also secure, protecting users' and clients' information with industry-leading security.


A powerful search engine that reduces the time taken in legal research
• Artificial intelligence-based legal research on a correct and complete database
• A state-of-the-art customized tool to manage pre and post-litigation workflow
• Comprehensive and exhaustive coverage of legal news across all courts
• A litigation management tool
• A tool to identify and verify individuals, companies, and assets by unlocking 5 billion+ litigation pages
• A legal power list event to identify and felicitate exceptional lawyers and law firms
• Tailored and customized daily reports by highly skilled professionals
• Industry-leading security to protect user and client information
• Exceptional customer support available 10x7
• Integrations to connect and sync existing tools with Legitquest's solutions


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Solo Practitioners, Small & Medium Law Firms, Large Law firms, Corporate Legal departments, Government & Judiciary